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Black Forest.


white lips pale face i hate the entire human race

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"Now listen to me, my son," Daedalus urged Icarus. "Fly behind me, and keep close. Don’t fly too high or too low. If you fly too low, the sea spray will weigh down the feathers. If you fly too high, the sun will melt the wax." At his son’s promise to do as he had instructed, Daedalus embraced him and then kissed his forehead, and it seemed as if some great bird was feeding its young mouth-to-mouth, as birds do. Then they turned and ran to the cliff’s edge and then up, out, and away — away from the lands controlled by Minos. Flying!But Icarus did not stay close to his father. As the earth shrank beneath him, he beat on up past clouds, past listening, past promises. Icarus flew on alone, higher and higher and higher towards the sun and bead by golden bead of wax started to melt.Too late for help, Icarus fell — down, down into the sea that bears his name…Daedalus buried his dead son in the sand, buried hope and laughter and joy, laid the clumsy fingers in the ground, placed an obol in the foolish mouth, kissed the cold forehead. Then Daedalus flew, his tears falling in the sky like rain, away from danger, away from grief…— Greek Myths: Daedalus & Icarus.Artwork: The Fall of Icarus, by René Milot.
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